Representing Queens is something we take great pride in. There are endless opportunities across the city for creative businesses to grow, but for a borough teeming with people, Queens is deeply underrepresented in creative conversations. It's time to change that. QNS Collaborative looks to uplift creators by providing them with space to sell their work, promotion for their businesses, and a way for them to connect on a personal and professional level with their neighbors: all in our own backyard.

To date, we've partnered with over 200 small makers, artists, & curators in our storefront and at markets across NYC. If you're a Queens-based small business interested in partnering with us or helping us build a brighter future for creatives in Queens, we want to hear from you.


Since our start in Spring 2021, QNS Collaborative has partnered with more than 200 makers, artists and curators throughout Queens. Some of them are veterans and others are just beginning to sell their work for the very first time. But each and every member of our creative community deserves a shoutout. Check out their work at the links below.



Who is eligible to become a Vendor Member of QNS Collaborative?
What items can I sell with QNS Collaborative?
How much does it cost to become a Vendor Member?
Do I need to be physically present to sell my work?
Do you offer any discounted memberships or other monetary aid?
Where can I shop the QNS Collaborative vendors?
What if I'm not an artist or maker? Can I still join the QNSC community?